Hamilton College – Unified Science Center


Hamilton College — Unified Science Center, Clinton, NY

The Science Center houses offices and laboratories for Archaeology, Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, Physics and Psychology. The complex contains a tri-climate rooftop greenhouse, auditorium, coffeehouse and more than 100 teaching and research laboratories.


Size: 210,000 square feet
Schedule: 40 months
Contract Type:Construction Manager-at-Risk
Owner: Hamilton College
Architect: EYP Architecture & Engineering


The Science Center’s expansive atrium boasts several environmentally friendly features including a temperature control system that involves geothermal loops and displacement ventilation. Locally quarried stone is also featured throughout the exterior.

The largest building project in the College’s history.

Minimized disruptions during academic year by carefully planning temporary relocations and phasing the final turnover.

Extensive design and performance testing ensured the viability of the new double-curtain wall with high-performance glazing

The extensive use of glass puts science on display to stimulate interest in the sciences and foster interdisciplinary synergies

Multiple phases required close coordination of spaces turned over to meet the academic needs of the college.

State-of-the-art teaching and research labs.

Hamilton College – Unified Science Center