Mount Holyoke College – Creighton Residence Hall


Mount Holyoke College — Creighton Residence Hall, South Hadley, MA

This residence hall is home to 176 students. Two wings of individual rooms and suites with card-swipe access are connected by a large common space featuring a game room, a computer lab, a TV room, a formal living room with a fireplace and a kitchen.


Size: 75,000 square feet
Schedule: 24 months
Contract Type: Cost Plus/Construction Manager-at-Risk
Owner: Mount Holyoke College
Architect: S/L/A/M Collaborative
Sustainability: LEED Gold


Team-oriented value management reviews identified lower-cost design alternatives that did not compromise quality or schedule.

A high standard of sustainability was met through the use of recycled and locally extracted and manufactured materials, a high-efficiency envelope, a solar domestic hot water system, in-ceiling and in-floor radiant heat with adjustable temperature controls and a state-of-the art building automation system that allows end users to closely monitor energy consumption. Certified LEED Gold.

Close infrastructure coordination during preconstruction on this cost-plus project minimized field retrofits and subsequent cost impacts due to limited floor heights and vertical mechanical, electrical and plumbing shaft space typical of “block and plank” structural design.

Mount Holyoke College – Creighton Residence Hall